Foster Based Rescue
Southern Ontario

The Adoption Process

Adoption Procedures and Expectations

Dear potential adopters,

Niagara Dog Rescue appreciates your interest in our dogs.

We will do everything in our power to ensure that the application process is a smooth one.

Here is what you can expect:img_8176

-Once we receive your application, we will send you an email acknowledging receipt of the application.

-This will be followed by a request to do a telephone interview to discuss the application. 
Due to the fact that applications are submitted electronically, things can happen in cyberspace. Please email us at if you have not heard anything 7  days after applying. Or reapply if you haven’t received a confirmation email.

-Once you have completed the interview we will check references.  It is helpful if you have contacted your references to let them know in advance of our call as we volunteers use our own personal phones to make the calls and are not identified as NDR.

– Once the references are checked, you would move into the home visit stage. We understand that this can be a tricky to schedule but it is necessary to ensure the safety of the dog. (there will be instances where photos, or a virtual visit of your home may be done in lieu of an actual home visit)

-After the home visit you will either be approved or not to adopt a rescue dog from NDR.

-IF you are approved to adopt from us, there are there are 3 options:

1. ADOPTION If the dog is a great fit for your family, we will send you the adoption agreement with instructions to finalize the adoption.

2. FOSTER TO ADOPT You will take the dog home and have one week to decide if you wish to keep finalize the adoption. If you decide not to keep the dog you agree to continue to foster until we find a forever home for him/her

3. MEET & GREET If the dog is in foster already, you can make arrangements to date the dog. In other words, you can meet a dog and spend time getting to know them. This helps immensely in cases of allergies and getting along with all family members. It is highly recommended that ALL family members attend the meet and greet. If all goes well with the meet and greet and it is determined that you are the best fit for the dog, you will be sent an adoption agreement to complete and sign.

-The Adoption fee  is requested at this time and must be received before pickup of the dog.

Dogs   1  – 7 years – $450
Seniors 7+ – $300
Under 1 year – $500