Foster Based Rescue
Southern Ontario

Return Policy

The Adopter has 15 calendar days from the date of possession to take the Adopted Animal to a licensed veterinarian for a physical examination, at the Adopter’s expense. If the veterinarian finds a pre-existing chronic illness or severe injury with the Adopted Animal at that time, the Adopter has the option to refuse medical treatment for the issue and transport the Adopted Animal directly back to Niagara Dog Rescue.

Should the adopter be unable to continue to give the animal a safe and happy home with them, Niagara Dog Rescue will be notified as soon as possible for repossession of the animal for re-adoption.

If the cause to return the Adopted Animal is behavioral, the Adopter must provide proof that they have given the Adopted Animal every chance to succeed including proof of appropriate training and support with a licensed and qualified trainer or behavior specialist to help the Adopted Animal with any issues or unwanted behaviors. If after a minimum of three training sessions, the Adopter is still unable to keep the Adopted Animal, the adopter will complete a return form and agrees to keep the dog until Niagara Dog Rescue has found a suitable home for the dog

Under no circumstances may the adopter relinquish the care and custody of the animal to any other person without prior written permission of Niagara Dog Rescue. Non-adherence to this clause will give Niagara Dog Rescue the absolute right to repossess the animal immediately. Further, should the animal suffer any ailment, condition or accident which might require euthanasia, the adopter will contact Niagara Dog Rescue immediately and will, if time and the animal’s condition allows, permit Niagara Dog Rescue to obtain a second opinion and/or speak with the veterinarian providing such diagnosis.

For further refund inquiries, please reference your adoption agreement.