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Scotty (aka Scout)

Scotty (aka Scout)
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Foster comments: He is very affectionate and loving. Snuggling on couch is his favorite with bel-ly rubs. He “talks” to you when he needs to go outside by groaning. He eats once a day Purina dog food. Occasionally he will want more and will tell you by staring at his bowl and groan. His quirk is not to place the food in the bowl but have to pour out for him to eat it. He sits, shakes and loves his treats. He gets super excited to walk soon as he sees the leash. He prefers the in-doors to outside so can be around people. He will back up to you so you can scratch his hind area.

Name: Scotty
Weight: 89 lbs
Age: about 5 years
Gender: male
Breed: Shepherd mix
Color(s): tan with black and beige markings

Good with adults: yes
Good with kids: yes
Good with other dogs: yes unless they are very dominant or aggressive then gets protective
Good with cats: yes
House-trained: yes I work 12 hours and never makes a mess
Crate trained: never been in a crate. stays indoors while i work without issues
Energy level: laid back but loves to fetch and play
Barker: unknown
Flight risk: unknown
Food aggressive: Only if another dog tries to take his food
Walks on a leash: yes with a soft collar because he is strong and excited to walk.
Rides well in a car: yes
Destructive: If his toys are missing, then he might mistake a shoe for a toy so I make sure no shoes out.
Needs a home with a yard: He likes to be indoors mostly unless it is cool out then lays on the deck. He loves to play fetch in the yard
Needs another dog: was around other people’s dogs that visit but used to being by himself
Can live in an apartment: not preferred, probably can but he is a big boy will need walks for exer-cise

Backstory from owner surrender: was rescued by my daughter a few years ago. she moved and unable to take him to college. My son helped me with him but moved 6 months ago. I’m allergic to dogs so now with him all the time has caused major health problems for me.