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Loki is a sweet boy who has not had the best luck with finding his forever home. Loki has done a lot of work on his obedience and walks great on a leash. He has been trained on multiple collar types including a flat collar, prong collar and an e-collar. He bonds well with his handlers but has shown some guarding behaviors when strangers come over to the house and he is not a fan of small children. With that being said he is a very sweet boy, takes treats very gently and is really looking for a new family who can commit to him who is looking for a companion. As he has been in a behavior rehab program, our training team can assist you to help determine if Loki would be a good fit for your family. He is great on his own but can also be around dogs with similar energy levels to him. His ideal home would be in the country as an only pet with someone who understands he needs time to warm up to strangers.


Weight: 49 lbs
Age: 2 years
Gender: Neutered Male
Breed: Retriever Mix
Colour: white and brown

Good with adults: Yes
Good with children: No.
Good with other dogs: has to be only dog in the home.  He can be dog selective so slower introductions for him will be best to ensure success.
Good with cats: No
Housebroken: Yes. Very rare that he lifts his leg inside, but when scolded he stops and goes outside.
Crate trained: Yes- he eats and sleeps in his crate
Energy Level: Medium energy. Loves to run around in the backyard, but can also be calm and lay down and watch TV with you inside.
Can be handled/touched: Yes- loves his belly rubbed and he gives lots of kisses!
Barker: Not for the most part. Very rarely does he bark and usually because he hears another dog barking.
Escape artist: No
Food aggressive: no
Walks on leash: Yes

Loki has his obedience down pat as he has had a lot of work put into him to have him be the best dog he can be, however Loki will need a dog savvy owner as he can be protective of his family. He comes with a training plan and has been assessed by the NDR training team who can help advise interested adopters in how to have success with him after adoption. Loki has some stranger danger and reacts to strangers coming in the home. To help ensure that he is set up for success, the NDR training team can advise potential adopters about trainers in their area that are best situated to help work with Loki on this. Additionally, if the adopter is Niagara region based, Dankroft K9 will offer 1 free training session for every training session booked with Loki.