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My name is Einstein and believe me! I live up to my name. Well, maybe I’m exaggerating the littlest bit but by Jove! i’m workin’ on being the best and smartest dog out there!
And although I know you’ll love me for my mind, I’m pretty sure you’re gonna love my personality too! I’m like Mr. Popularity with my dog pack and totally adored m my human peeps as well!
I’m already house trained. I’m crate trained and I’m a natural when it comes to leash walking. I’m working really hard on all those other commands too!
I’m a 4-year old shepherd cross and weigh 43 lb.

Name: Einstein
Breed: Shepherd mix, black with tan markings
Age: 4 years
Gender: male, neutered
Weight: 43 lbs
House trained: Is house trained
Crate trained: Crate trained and clean in his crate
Destructive inside: Chews on electrical cables
Destructive outside: No signs of destructive behavior outside
Barker: Likes to “talk” but not a lot of barking
Where dog sleeps at night: Sleeps in crate overnight
Dog friendly: Is dog -friendly seems to make friends with other dogs pretty easily
Cat friendly: Seems to be fine with cats
Child friendly: Yes, may be a little shy at first but has been friendly with everyone he has met so far
Activity level: Medium to high energy level, likes to run around the yard and jump and play with other dogs and people
Walks well on leash/off leash: Walks well on leash, off leash he responds to being called and likes to make sure he keeps his person in sight
Running and/or hiking partner: Would be fine for a running or hiking partner, seems to have pretty good stamina
Rides well in vehicle: Well behaved in vehicle inside crate, would be best to be crated or seat belted in so he can’t attempt to crawl onto driver’s lap.
Commands known: Hasn’t shown much knowledge of specific commands, does not appear to have been interacted with previously. Is currently working on mastering basic commands and is very responsive to human interaction
Likes: Jumping up to get your attention
Dislikes: Being picked up, does not have enough trust at this time
Best type of family/home: Would be a great family dog with children and other dogs to play with in a secure yard. Is going to need a little patience and trust building but has shown a strong desire to connect with humans and is overcoming uncertainty
Quirks/issues: Chewing on electrical cables and knocking over heater, probably due to being unfamiliar with a home environment
Special traits: Bouncy and loving, likes keeping his person company around the house.