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Dakota & Sheba

Dakota & Sheba
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From TX

I’d never ask for myself, but I’m askin’ for the missus. So if you’ve got a space in your home and your heart for the two of us, it would sure be appreciated. We’ve been together for the better part of our life and thought we’d be together til the end. Exceptin’ the owner of us built a new house and decided against takin’ any of us 4 legged types to the new place. So we’re hopin’ against hope that you might like us enough to give us a chance.

We older ones, well, we don’t do that well in shelters…Those concrete floors are hard on old bones and the odds of gettin’ out alive aren’t great. Sorry…I’m downright embarrassed now, I never meant to tear up. Like I said, I’m not askin’ for myself…It’s for Sheba…she don’t deserve to end it in a shelter

Name : Dakota
Weight: 72 lbs
Age: 9 years
Gender: Male
Breed: Heeler Mix
Color: White with Black ticking

Name : Sheba
Weight: 65 lbs
Age: 8 years
Gender: Female
Breed: Lab Mix
Color: Black with some white

Good with adults : Yes
Good with kids: Yes
Good with other dogs: yes
Good with cats : yes, sleeps with one/Sheba does well just not sleeping with them
House Trained: yes
Crate Trained : yes
Energy Level: Low energy but do get excited when they see their people
Can be handled and touched: Yes! Very Loveable!!
Barker: Not really, little at first when you knock on door or ring bell
Flight risk: No, but has lived with same person for majority of their lives
Food Agression: No
Walks on a Leash: Yes
Rides well in car: Yes
Destructive: No
Needs home with a yard: They have had a yard for their entire lives, at least need to be walked & outside some
Need a home with other dog: Yes these two are a bonded pair
Can live in an apt: Probably but not ideal

Notes: From owner below


Dakota was rescued back in 2011 from a facility in Dallas,Tx who rescued Blue Heelers. He was 1 year old at that time and had been neutered, micro-chipped and received all necessary shots. He was brought home to Sulphur Springs, Texas where he loved the 5.49 acres to run in and soon made friends with Scout the donkey, the cows, chickens, and feral cats who soon had kittens under the house and stayed on the premises. As a heeler, Dakota still to this day has high energy and aims to please loving retrieving balls and frisbees. Because he is older, I limit his play to no more than 15 minutes as he then comes in the house and takes awhile to cool down. But so long as you throw the ball, he will fetch it, bring it back to you, and then give you that look like-come on let’s play. You have to determine when it’s enough. He loves his bed and blankets. I often just put a sheet on his bed so that is all I have to wash.He loves to try and chase squirrels but they go up the tree before he gets there. His sigh can been heard and is funny. Dakota loves ALL animals and especially cats because he grew up with them. He will be a loving and loyal addition to his new family. The following are commands he knows: Sit, Stay, Come, Give me your paw, speak, go get it


Sheba was given to me by a man who had bought her from a shelter for his daughter. I brought her home to join Dakota and Bonnie (my indoor cat that time) to my 5.49 acres with cows, chickens and donkey. She blended right in and became best of buddies with Dakota (heeler). Sheba has always been a great guard dog. With her head held high she loves to see what smells are in the air and her favorite past time is watching Dakota get the ball or frisbee and then take it from him and prance around as if she was the one who caught it. She loves attention and gives it freely. She knows certain commands like come, stay, lay down, night night, in the pen, want to eat, sit-all subject
to if she feels she has to. After all, she definitely acts like a princess. And if she doesn’t want to do something, she will lift up one side of her mouth to snicker at you. Sheba pretty much has ignored any cat I have had and realizes that Dakota is the “cat” lover. She is okay with that. She obviously is a little more low key than Dakota who is a Heeler, but that doesn’t prevent her from wanting the same attention. She has a keen sense of hearing and smell and will alert you of anyone or anything in a yard-even through a brick wall. Pretty amazing. I trust she will have a loving home and share many years of companionship with her new family.

They are buddies and she loves to watch him fetch and then take it from him after he does all the work. Often, she will park herself in front of him so he is supposed to lick her back. Yes, she is a princess.