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We rescued him at 4 mths when my husband found him wandering in the middle of a busy intersection in a snow storm. We tried to find his owners but no luck so we kept him.

Chico is a very smart boy! He knows his basic commands (sit, stay, wait at doors, down, roll over, shake a paw, leave it, drop it) as well as neat tricks like retrieving a toy by name without pointing (“Go get rope/ball/kong”). He loves attention and snuggle time with mom and dad. He’s full of character and makes us laugh a lot. He responds to treats, especially peanut butter, liver bites, beef strips, apples and sweet potatoes. He has been on a raw diet since he was 6 months old and thrives on it. He still tries to steal human food so watch for counter surfing.

Chico is energetic and loves to play with other dogs but is also good at lounging around on a lazy Sunday at home (as long as he’s had a good walk first). He was neutered at 6 months. He doesn’t have any known allergies or medical issues. Chico is very protective and fearful of his surroundings. He hasn’t been properly socialized or taught how to cope with scary situations. We have spoiled him and loved him immensely and we are confident that he can learn to overcome his issues with the proper patience and guidance.

Notes from Chico’s trainer:

– He will need to be crated. He runs to his crate for security.
– I do not recommend children in the home at all.
– I suspect he would be ok, maybe even BETTER with other dogs? (he goes to kennels for vacations where they have ZERO problems with him) but I can’t say that 100% as I haven’t seen him interact with other dogs yet.
– untested with cats though current owners have a cat that will hiss at him to keep his distance
– He is a reasonably good walker. We were working on reactions to people coming too close when on-lead. He currently wears a muzzle on walks, and still needs some space.

Overall, he will need a calm, consistent leader, who can give him the exercise and training he needs. No shrinking violets for this one!! He has to go in a house. Apartment living is too close and will create more problems for him.

As you likely know, Bark Busters training support goes with the dog, so anyone who would be willing to take this dog on would have Bark Busters come with him – with the lifetime guarantee (provided there is a trainer operating in the area, of course)

Dog Name: Chico
Main breed(s) Rottweiler/Rhodesian
Age 2.5yrs
Weight 60lbs
Gender M
Where is s/he from? Ontario
Energy level Medium high
Dog friendly? Yes
Kid friendly? NO
Good with cats? Keeps distance, curious but ok
Food aggression? No
Leash reactive No
House trained? Yes
Crate trained? Yes, very good in crate
Leash trained? Yes, but needs further training
Temperament Fear Reactive but easily trained. very food motivated