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He’s very smart and catches on quickly, He’s active, he would make a great running companion. He walks extremely well on a leash. He’s becoming more comfortable with strangers. He loves all the dogs we have met, and he’s very gentle with small dogs He’s quite tall and long. When standing straight up, the top of his head is in line with my counter top. He’s EXTREMELY apprehensive of men. Barks aggressively and tries to lunge. That seems to have subsided on walks. But not yet with visitors. He does settle down and approach them though after about an hour Oh, and he’s comfortable with any person that approach’s if they have a dog He’s such a sweetie though. Very affectionate and cuddly and he is house trained. Oh, and another thing for his bio, he’s not much of a barker anymore, but he will bark at people walking by through the window, but he’s getting better with that So I think with a little more training he will learn not to. He learns extremely quickly

Weight: 30 kg (66 lbs)
Age: 1 yr
Gender: male
Breed: Indiginous Iranian mix
Colour: black

Good with adults: yes
Good with kids: yes
Good with other dogs: yes
Good with cats: not cat tested
House trained: yes
Crate trained: no
Energy level: active
Can be handled/touched: he is weary of men at first until he trusts them
Barker: barks when scared or senses danger
Flight risk: no
Walks on leash: yes

In Shahriyar, Iran, when he was a small puppy, he was rescued from a group of kids that had him on his side and a rope around his neck dragging him on hard pavement. He was injured and suffered trauma from that incident but now he has recovered and rehabilitated. He is very family oriented and loving. He is a beautiful dog with long shiny black fur.