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Betty Boop

Betty Boop
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Betty is an amazingly sweet girl, she was adopted from the shelter and tied out on a chain, never was let off the chain or given any attention, she got bored and dug some holes so her “owner” was going to shoot her, thankfully the neighbour took her and now she is coming to Canada and will be safe and loved the way she deserves! She is very friendly and loves to run and play in the yard with the other dogs. She is treat motivated.

From: SC

Weight: 54lb
Age: 3 year
Gender: Female
Breed: bulldog x bassett hound
Color: Brown/white
Good with adults: yes
Good with kids: likely yes, she is very friendly but may knock down really young kids
Good with other dogs: Yes
Good with cats: unknown
House trained: yes
Crate trained: uyes
Energy level: Medium
Can by handled/ Touched: Yes
Barker: No
Flight risk: No
Food aggressive: No
Walks on leash: Yes
Rides well in cars: Yes
Destructive: No
Needs home with yard: preferred but not necessarily
Needs home with other dogs: No
Can live in apartment: no