Foster Based Rescue
Southern Ontario


on, Special needs

From: Iran

About Bahar and her requirements:

Bahar is beautiful! She was a healthy, kind and loving stray dog that was fed by a group of animal rescuers regularly by the Caspian Shore north of Iran. 10 months ago when they went to feed the dogs, they found Bahar dragging herself on the shore. She was immediately taken to Tehran for imaging. Unfortunately the imaging showed that she had been hit by a hard and sharp instrument.

Her injuries included 3 broken ribs and her spine was so badly injured that it left her back legs paralyzed. She does have control over her bladder and bowel. It was also determined during imaging that Bahar was pregnant. She was transferred to Noor shelter and had her babies. To add more heartbreak, all of her babies perished due to an illness at the shelter. Bahar is a current resident of Noor shelter in Iran and temporarily staying with one of the shelter volunteers in her home, but she will not be able to stay there long and will be transferred back to the shelter if a permanent home is not found.

Bahar does not like to be alone. This is pretty understandable after everything she has been through. She will need a very calm and patient home. Someone experienced with special needs dogs, or paralyzed animals would be a huge benefit.

The home, should be open concept – if possible, with minimal to no clutter to accommodate Bahar and her chair that she will come with. The home should also have a ramp ( or multiple ramps) so that Bahar and her chair can navigate freely and with ease to all living spaces as well as outside.

Bahar is very smart and learns quickly. She is potty trained – she will require a sandbox to go in so that she is not getting wet and dirty. We would not suggest a home with very young children, not because of Bahar – she is good with everyone, but because a home with small children will have toys and other things around that may make it difficult for Bahar and her chair to navigate. Bahar would prefer someone who is home most of the time – ideally retired, semi-retired or a person that works from home would be excellent. The ability to understand, be patient and roll with the changing needs of Bahar is what is most important. Sweet Bahar has had an extremely rough and unfair time lately, yet she still trusts humans and looks to please and be loved. She would travel out of the uncertainty of Iran to Canada – to have the best life possible. Her journey will not be an easy one and for this reason you must be prepared for the extra time it will take this sweet girl to adjust to her new life in Canada.

Weight: 45 lbs
Age: 3 years old
Gender: Female
Breed: Indigenous Iranian breed
Colour: white with brown\tan markings
Good with adults: yes
Good with kids: great
Good with other dogs: yes
Good with cats:unknown-not tested
Crate trained: does not like it-may be unnecessary