Foster Based Rescue
Southern Ontario


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  • Why do you rescue from the states? Don’t we have dogs here to save?FAQ
  • Yes, there are dogs everywhere to be saved, however the US has a higher number of kill shelters, more dogs in shelters, and the shelters provide a shorter time frame (if any) to find a new home for the dog. Owner surrenders can be put down immediately in some shelters. We have saved many from the states and are connecting with shelters here in Ontario as well.


  • Where are you located?
  • As a foster based rescue, we don’t have a shelter so we don’t have a single location. Many people work together to transport, foster, check references, do home visits and process adoptions. They are from all over the Niagara region to west GTA.


  • If I don’t have a fenced yard can I still adopt?
  • The fenced yard requirement will depend on the size, temperament and exercise needs of the dog. You may be able to adopt without a fenced yard if you can indicate how you will supervise outside play.



  • What does the adoption fee go towards? How Much is it?
  • The adoption fee helps to help cover the costs associated with rescue such as vetting, boarding and transportation, and includes spay/neuter, HW testing, rabies and DHLPP vaccines and, in some cases microchip, prior to adoption.
    There’s also food, transport, grooming and possible boarding. It could also include unexpected medical expenses and training fees.

    Dogs 1  – 7 years – $500
    Seniors 7+ – $350
    Under  a Year – $550


  • Why do you need to fund raise?
  • We need to raise funds because adoption fees will not cover all of our expenses.


  • I want to know more about (dogs name)
  • Any information we have on each dog is posted, we will add additional information as we receive it, to their profiles and keep it as up to date as possible.  We have volunteers specifically leading groups of dogs, the best way to get proper information on a dog is to apply for that dog and speak to the lead. This avenue of contact can not provide you more information on dogs then what is posted.

  • Can I call you?
    We do not have a facility, we are volunteer run, meaning all volunteers use their personal telephones, we can not provide a phone number, please fill out an application and we will get in touch with you.
  • How Do I Adopt?
  • If you are interested in adopting, please complete an adoption application and someone will be in touch to discuss which ones would be the best fit for your family and lifestyle.
  • Can I meet a dog?
    Please remember we do not have a facility. We are foster based meaning dogs are in volunteers homes. Once your application has been processed you can meet the dog.
    See the Process that we complete for all applicants


  • Why haven’t I heard from anyone?
  • Please remember we are a volunteer run organization, we are working as best and efficiently as possible. We get many applications a day and process them in order they are received.
    If you would like to volunteer we are always looking for new help!


  • How much does it cost to adopt?
  • See above
    To help cover the costs associated with rescue such as vetting, boarding and transportation, and includes spay/neuter, HW testing, rabies and DHLPP vaccines and, in some cases microchip, prior to adoption.


  • Why do you not say if a dog is good with cats/dogs/children?
  • Although we would love to know everything about the dogs before they arrive, sometimes that is not the case. Many of our dogs are fostered before arriving, however, sometimes we must wait until the dog is in local foster care to do testing with children, cats and other dogs. Once we know, we will update the information on our posts.


  • Where can I go and see the dogs?
  • Meet and greets with our dogs are scheduled once reference and home checks have been completed. These are coordinated with the foster family.



  • I live in an apartment, can I still apply?
  • Of course. NDR will ensure the right dog is chosen for your particular situation.


  • Have they been treated for flea/ticks?
  • All dogs are treated with a flea/tick treatment before arriving at NDR. It will be your responsibility to continue your chosen method of treatment.


  • What is the foster responsible for (food, vet bills, etc)? Will I get reimbursed for these things?
  • Most fosters provide a leash, crate, food, bedding, toys, etc. for the dog’s use (however we can provide these things if needed). And of course love!NDR will pay any medical expenses or reimburse foster “only” if said expenses and veterinarian clinic have been approved by NDR prior to the dog attending the clinic.


  • Can I bring the dog to meet my own pets to see if they get along?
  • Proper introduction is crucial and this can be done after the application process is complete.


  • If I’m approved how long does the process take?
  • The process can be done fairly quickly. Reference calls will be made quickly but responses from those calls sometimes take a few days. Please advise your vet and references that we will be calling.


  • Can I speed the process up if I have already completed the adoption application process in advance of finding a dog I want?
  • Yes.  If the process is completed you will have a faster track to dogs coming in.


  • How come my references didn’t get any phone calls?
  • Please contact us and be sure we received your application.


  • What are the bylaws? How many dogs can I have in my house? Are fosters exceptions to these laws?
  • Each city has different bylaws so please check with your particular city for this information.


  • I have never owned my own pet so I don’t have a vet. Is that an issue?
  • If possible, please include any vet your family has used and include the family name the account would be under. We will go by the family history.


  • I am a renter. Why do you need my landlord’s contact information?
  • We need to know that your landlord will allow dogs to live in the rental unit before approving your application. If you have a pet agreement with the landlord, then you may also send that in.


  • What information would you be looking for from my references?
  • We will be asking about your level of responsibility, reliability, home situation, and verifying things on your application.