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Dear Niagara Dog Rescue Family

Niagara Dog Rescue is an all- volunteer organization, many of us work full time and volunteer in our free time. Over the past few weeks we have received a much higher number of applications for both fosters & adoptions. Our adoptions & foster teams are working as fast as they can to process all the applications. We are doing our best to ensure our dogs are matched with the best fit for them. The volume of applications we are receiving is slowing down our response times. While we do have some dogs in Canada, the majority are still in the USA. We are working very hard to finding a way to bring them to their new families in accordance to the current restrictions. Wait times are currently being extended so we ask for your patience at this time.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is impacting all of us and the way we perform our daily activities. We are taking this situation very seriously, and we are prepared to respond appropriately .

It is critical to note that there is no evidence that COVID-19 can be given to humans by pets, we don’t want to see any adverse reaction to the animal because of misinformation.

We have a dedicated team of volunteers that are following the necessary guidelines to address the health and safety issues from the human and dog perspective .

To that end , some of the measures we are taking are:

  • Utilizing the virtual option for home checks and adopter/foster applications.
  • Choosing appropriate places to meet and greet your new companion following the social distancing guidelines and necessary sanitation.
  • Ensuring we have medical and food supplies and care for all the dogs in our care.

As many of us are adjusting to changing circumstances and being stuck at home, we understand that it is natural to crave companionship.

All our dogs are rescues – we are quite literally rescuing them from a less desirable life. A rescue dog may not be perfect, they may have some behavioral flaws and they may need some extra time to get used to you and your family. Before you apply, please consider the following:

  • Dogs can live 10-15 years – are you ready for this time commitment?
  • Do you understand it can take a dog 6-8 weeks or MORE to feel fully settled in their new home?
  • Some of our dogs have various behavioral issues. This will take time and effort on YOUR part to help train the dog to be the companion you want them to be.
  • We may not have a full history of the dog and what we do know is based on limited exposure to the dog. As such all of our information is provided to the best of our ability to note it.
  • Due to the current pandemic, dog trainers are operating in virtualized settings. They are not able to offer group classes and in many cases can not come visit you or your dog to assist you and this must be done over conference calls or video meetings. This creates a more challenging environment to work in, and as such, progress on your dog’s unwanted behaviors may take more time to get addressed and resolved. This is a new and evolving situation for many people and everyone is trying their best to continue to provide services as they are able to.

If you are not fully able to commit to a dog at this time, please look into our foster program. While we only have a few dogs here in Canada at this time, we continue to work with local resources in rehoming dogs in Ontario as we are able to.

We hope to continue saving as many dogs as possible during this difficult time, while prioritizing the welfare of the humans who enable that to happen.