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Zekes Second Chance at Life

Zekes Second Chance at Life

Imagine there was a reset button for you life, and someone came and pushed it.

For poor Zeke that’s exactly what has happened.
Everything he has ever known has been stripped away.
Don’t be sad though because as it turns out he’s about to learn everything he’s been missing.
Clearly Zeke has never known what it’s like to be in a a family. He lived likely alone maybe in a barn somewhere and was only called upon for his hunting skills. Once hunting season was over. So was any need for him.
But now we, in Canada can show him the light. Petting, snuggles and kisses are almost foreign to him. It hasn’t taken long at all for him to understand the warm touch of a loving hand and he’s starting to really enjoy it.
He’s clearly never been in a home before. Stairs are terrifying and hard floors are slippery and awkward. He’s like a cute awkward bambi on anything that’s not carpet, rubber or grass. But get him outside and he glides through the grass like a gazelle, he will make an excellent running partner for someone.
Being on a leash is also something that is new to him, but his foster mom is making use of his time by really focusing on heeling since he does love being outside and the backyard just isn’t enough for this curious fellow.
He’s has a calm, and pleasant temperament and loves everything around him, with just that hint of mistrust that is fading as each day goes one. Once in a while you get that true doggy wiggle out of him that just lights up your day because you know he’s truly starting to become a pet.
There’s no denying that Zeke will take a bit of time to really start living “the life of a dog” but the time it will take will be completely worth it, and you know that by just one look into those big brown eyes.
It will be a true story of rescue. He’s rescued and he’s safe but now we need to show him how we really live in the great white north. True, strong and FREE.

Zeke is a gorgeous 5 – 6 year old, Male Coonhound.
He weighs 67 pounds.

Zeke has stunning coloring and unique markings!

He is very friendly with people and other dogs.

He has medium energy level and needs a family to call his own.

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