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“The Pack Leader”

“The Pack Leader”

Helpful hints for establishing yourself as
“The Pack Leader”
Or in other words ensuring you have the respect of your new pet

It is important that you set the rules for your household!
Print this and Hang this on your Fridge for the whole family to see.
There are no freebees in life, like children, there’s no bonus in spoiling them. 


After your dog arrives in your home

*Sometimes it’s better to just ignore your dog for a while, the same as alpha dogs do.

*Do not invite the dog into every room of your home for the first 2 weeks.
Slowly the dog can have more and more options in the home, once they are earned

*Do not allow your dog on furniture or beds for at least 2 weeks!
Once they are allowed it is only when invited, some dogs are never allowed this luxury as they do not understand how to not take advantage.

*Crate them while you are home for reasonable periods of time, you control their environment. It’s worth it, feeling bad isn’t helping them.

*Control all mealtimes, no free feeding.
Always feed from up on the counter and bring the bowl down to them

*Feed the dog by first standing in front of him, hold the food bowl and make him wait. Give him the food at a moment of YOUR CHOOSING.

*Eat meals at the table before the dog eats his meal.
Don’t share table food with the dog. Pack leaders never share food. Make sure the whole family follows through on this and that someone doesn’t go sneaking treats under the table.

 *As pack leader, go through doorways before your dog goes.

*Make your dog at least SIT before you give him a treat, before you toss the ball for him, before you walk him, play with him or feed him. This applies to strangers meeting the dog as well.

*Your tone of voice is important.
A high-pitched voice indicates play and fun time while a normal voice is used for commands. Save the low voice for corrections. But use it wisely.  Never for asking your dog to come to you.

Using these tools to establish yourself as Pack leader are very important to a successful, healthy relationship with your dog! It allows for the much needed time a rescue dog requires to DECOMPRESS and become acclimated to their new environment.
When you don’t follow steps like these, everyone loses.

Once the dog is settled in and hierarchy has been established life can carry on as you see fit.

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