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Never give up hope….Timmy didn’t

Never give up hope….Timmy didn’t

Alone, scared, unwell and on death row….


Timmy watched as he was passed by over and over… cold, lonely sick and afraid.

He was a bit shy and quiet in the kennel, probably due to all the noise and strangers.

Every visitor just walked by him. He was covered in mange and no one could be bothered.

Despite everything Timmy never lost his amazing tender soul.

We saw that soul in his eyes. Just like many others that we save. Timmy was finally pulled from the shelter and saved from death row.

He was nursed back to health and once his treatments were over he made his way on the long journey to Canada

Through out it all Timmy never lost his poise, he was polite and appreciative of everything that came into his path, and still is today.


On March 3rd 2016 Timmy was seen as he should be, as an amazing healthy dog ready to go to a new home and show the world what he has to offer.
He was adopted by the perfect family that will be sure nothing bad will ever come for this perfect handsome pup ever again.

It was love at first sight for both parties.
IMG_6860 IMG_6861

Remember to look into the eyes. The real story is there.

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