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Hurricane Harvey Help


As we all know Texas is in dire need of help!

We Niagara Dog Rescue, which is also you, have committed to helping 20 dogs mostly from a shelter that is completely submerged  under water.

In order to come we need them vetted, HW tested and then transported. These things are costly and urgent.
This is where you come in!

Donations to help with this project are greatly appreciated! Every little bit counts, no amount to small.  If you can not donate, please share! One share can make a huge difference.

Donation in CDN

Donation in USD

Thank you.


From our founder
“It is in times of crisis and tragedy when issues and differences are put aside and many come together to help, in any way they can.
Niagara Dog Rescue has a strong presence in Texas, not just the dogs we help but our network of volunteers, fosters, transporters and friends. Texas needs us and we will help.
NDR will do what we do: help dogs in need. Now, more than ever, we will not abandon them.
NDR has committed to bring 20 dogs from the devastation in Houston into Canada.
It is a start. It is a humble goal considering the need in the area but, a realistic one.
Once those dogs are safe, we will be able to help more.”

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