Foster Based Rescue
Southern Ontario

About Us

Who we are

We are a volunteer based, cross-border, registered not-for-profit organization. We are located in Niagara Region, Ontario and focus on dogs at immediate risk at high kill shelters.

Our Missionben

We will save the lives of as many dogs as we can regardless of where they are from. If a dog is in need and we can, we will help.

How we do it

We are a foster based rescue and have no shelter. Our dogs are placed with foster families. That means we need volunteers to care for our dogs while we find forever homes for them. Each foster we have is a dog we can save.

We carefully screen both foster and adoption applicants to ensure each dog has the best possible home. Further, we will support each foster and adopter and help them through the transition of bringing a new dog in the house until they are fully settled with their new family.

print-iconHow do we help dogs?

  •  By sharing information about dogs that are in dire need of help and asking for
    volunteers to foster or adopt them
  •  By pulling the dog from the pound
  •  By spaying/neutering and vetting the dogs we rescue to make sure they are healthy
  •  By boarding them for a few days to allow them to recover
  •  By finding transport for the dogs to their new family
  •  By raising funds to cover the cost of vetting and boarding each dog
  •  By supporting their foster families
  •  By finding each dog the best possible forever home
  •  By sharing their stories

We see their confusion. We feel their fear. We hear them crying for help.
Niagara Dog Rescue is totally against animal cruelty. We stand up and advocate for an end to animal abuse, especially in dogs.

Some Numbers

In North America alone, every year people buy 17 million pets. In North America, every year, 3 to 4 million pets are killed in shelters. This is 10,000 every day!

Our goal is to help dogs in need. Our rescue was created to save the lives of dogs that are out of time in high kill shelters. Dogs that have done nothing wrong, yet end up in a pound and are scheduled to die.


Our purpose is to save their lives and find each one of them a family that will love and care for them, a family that will hold them and make them feel safe, valued and worth loving.

We make sure each one of our dogs knows how precious s/he is and how much we care.


Save more lives? Please spread the word :)

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